Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I miss my knitting group!

Sniff sniff sniff and a few tears this morning. I've been back in the states now for almost 4 months and have missed out on so many life events in my knitting group. One had a baby, one shifted house (which also shifted the meeting place), now my dear Michelle is closing her most amazing hand painted yarn business! They have also added a new member and had countless amazing gossipfests (bitchfest is probably a more appropriate term) without me! (woe is me ;-)

As for me, blue and I are still in Wisconsin splitting our time in the north of the state with my parents and the south of the state with his. He is still toiling away on his dissertation while I spend time with the little miss (who turns 1 very soon!). But come January we are headed to the east coast where blue has accepted a job. It is in the upstate so will be pretty rural I imagine. I'm hoping hoping hoping to be able to find a group of knitters close to as talented, funny, and supportive as those I had honor of joining for a few years in New Zealand.

I also just read the book 'Friday Night Knit Club' and this made me homesick for them as well!

And just for fun, here is my little miss doing what she loves - hanging out on the beach (and having a snack), lookin' cute.

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maepress said...

ooh, where is the mysterious job location? Are you working on anything right now? I'm getting ready to start a couple of hats!